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melbourne: so hot… so completely cool

I think I’ve only been to Melbourne in summer once before. Today she is gray and wet and from my window on the twelfth floor I can see buildings and cranes with little twinkling lights on top. Today she is what I’m used to seeing her like. People scurry like ants on the street below. They seem huddled in on themselves.

But she turned on a fine show for me these past 48 hours. She was warm but she’s just so fucking cool. She dazzled with light and sparkling blue skies. She caressed with cold when the heat became unbearable.

Melbourne invited me in to her shows and restaurants in little graffiti laneways and fed me exquisite morsels of food that seduced my tongue and my tastebuds. She molested my mouth with microherbs and creamy avocado and nuts and seeds roasted in heaven. She exposed me to oysters and slivers of kingfish served in little cast iron cauldrons. They were like magic. You lift the lid and tendrils of trapped smoke jump out at you and tickle the inside of your brain. The dish begged to be licked.. but this is Melbourne and I don’t think they do that here in public. 

I ate and I drank. Mimosas at breakfast, gin and tonic at tea. I walked the streets and took photos. Nearly too many to count. I celebrated friendships old and new. I talked and talked and talked. And laughed. And cried. I met women I want to grow up to be like. I met others I never want to grow up to be like… I even managed to shop a little. Mostly black. 

I learned about the myriad forms of love. Safe love and precious love. Reckless love and unrequited love. Everlasting love and complete love. I learnt that I can’t be away from my little family for more than three nights without wanting to run back to them. Desperately. Longingly.

I reignited my love for art and creativity and three years on, I cannot imagine a more perfect way to celebrate my Comaversarry than by being in Melbourne by myself. I may even be getting a bit of my mojo back… and every time I worry about not going forward, I look back and realise how far I’ve come. The recovery was harder than the illness but the journey back up to the top has made it all worth it.

Melbourne you seduce me. I will be back. 

Dee x


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tea for two, me & you

It always boils down to the tea, doesn’t it? People who laugh and care and share ALL drink tea.

As I kill myself every Thursday, racing from school to pool with seconds to spare, my nerves are shot and my heart is racing. My palms start sweating and I start to get annoyed! The panic starts to set in around 1pm. Oh my god how will I get the kids to their lesson in time? I hope I don’t forget their swimmers. I hope they’re not dawdling down the stairs. A million thoughts spin round and round inside my head. Why oh why do I torture myself like this?

But today worked out a little bit differently. A lovely mum sat down next to me at our swim lesson. Let’s call her CR for now and I’ll tell you why!

I know her from before, but not so well that she needed to do what she did. We got the kids into the pool and lo and behold two big mugs appeared on the bench beside me. Two seconds later a thermos. Followed by a packet of oogly boogly gooey oom nom nom nom ginger chocolate chip cookies.


A feast! A picnic! A gesture from the heart that made the entire week’s troubles melt away with that first sip. A little poolside party where two perfectly ordinary mums sipped delicately from big fat plastic cups as if we were high-teaing with the Queen herself! And so I’m calling her CR… Chai Rani… The maker of tea! The brewer of happiness. The bringer of smiles. The stopper of 3 o’clock itits!!


Thank you from the heart of my bottom because it is slightly bigger than the bottom of my heart. You’re wonderful, you made my day. I will try and live up to your chai next week. It may not be as masalafied, but it will be made with love. Dee x

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his and her royal highnii

Twenty years of friendship. Eleven years of marriage. Two continents, two kids, a home. And a celebration worthy of royalty.

It was with glee that I realised we were about to spend a night at the extremely gorgeous Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad. From the moment we stepped foot into the grounds we were treated as guests of the Nizam and lavished upon the same royal treatment that all visitors to the palace receive.
Who was I to complain as waiters walked towards me with red roses wishing me happy anniversary Mrs. Foodie. Who was I to complain when we were whisked away to the Princess’ Gossip Chamber with a Chinese Whisper couch and made to cut a divine chocolate nut cake? And I certainly didn’t complain when red rose petals fluttered gently down from the terrace as we walked up the grand marble stairs.

Ah royalty. How easily I could get used to thee. I assure you it is not difficult to function when the palace butler assigned to you previously served Princess Esra. It is quite easy to enjoy the delectable chocolates laid out on your pillow, as it is to step under a rainwater head shower in an all marble bathroom for for a king.

I am not one to usually stamp my feet and complain but Mr. Foodie “wanted a la carte only” on a buffet night and what the maharaja wants, the maharaja gets.

The food was exquisite, the bread we were served was to die for. And let’s not even start on dessert or the special cake that was sent up to the room while we dined on the balcony, 2000 feet above sea level, overlooking the softly twinkling lights of Hyderabad.



But more than anything we have never ever experienced hospitality and attention to detail like at Falaknuma. They had even changed the linen to satin sheets before we returned to our room. With embroidered Good Night foot mats and fluffy blue slippers by the bed!

Ah royalty. How easy on the senses you are. How magnificent. How indulgent. How over the top. How delicate, how in-your-face. How simple, how easy, yet how contradictory. But for tonight I will only dwell on the goodness.

As I get into my horse drawn carriage for the last time I bid you all adieu and hope you may all experience one night of luxury like we did. Feel free to shower me with rose petals as I leave.

His & Her Royal Highnii! Dee & K x