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dee’s story

I’m a layman’s foodie. I’m not fancy. I have no formal cooking skills. In fact at the tender age of 6 or 7, I made my first omelette and still remember my gorgeous mum finishing it for me… There were about 4 heaped teaspoons of salt for the one egg.

And so began my culinary adventure. French toast was next I think, followed by a combination I thought was delish at the time – tuna and tinned pineapple on soggy white bread. But my real fascination to cook, learn and mostly eat came from watching my dad in the kitchen. He is a fully trained chef and this love of food must be genetic, I’m convinced.

Last but certainly not least, I dedicate this blog to my gorgeous husby. When we got married 10 years ago I made the terrible mistake of making him a hot cooked breakfast before he left for work. Well that never happened again and he’s nagged me ever since. He’s had to pay dearly though…blessed with two young kids he often gets their delicious leftovers and on the odd night I’m feeling romantic, I’ll even serve him a fried egg with his tuna sandwich (no, no pineapple or soggy bread these days).

So enjoy. And for god’s sake, eat. Don’t worry about how big your bum looks or how wide your hips are. Because as a friend once wisely said, “Meat is for men..bones are for dogs!” And who am I to contradict that?


2 thoughts on “dee’s story

  1. I can’t blame you for my big butt but I can thank you for all the deelish food and tea I have had at your home. Fear not – I will not show Al the picture of your lamb shanks otherwise you may never be rid of him xo

  2. haha.. delighted to read your blogspot dilkush! good for the stomach and my funny bone! keep ’em rolling please!

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