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ghee stoned

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Today with hungry bellies and eager hearts we drove many kilometers to a quirky little slice of India right here in Sydney itself! It is a purely vegetarian piece of paradise. Saravana Bhavan. Ah how heavenly…. 


We started with medhu wada and cocktail idlis. I love idlis and thought they’d be a tiny little plate full. Well, they were. But there were 14 of them swimming in ghee goodness sensational sambhar. The BEST I’ve ever tasted! And that was only for entree.  


For mains it was dosa. My husband devoured a masala dosa. My ghee roast (it really is called a ghee roast, that name should’ve given it away) arrived minutes later and I had to half-stand to take a photo of it. It was HUGE! It was sublime. It was perfect. It was India in Sydney, just better … and no passport required. 


At this point I was starting to lose my mind. I couldn’t decide whether I liked the coconut chutney best or the sambhar. I loved the daal they served with it too, that was an unusual touch. I wanted to eat and eat and keep eating. But my jeans became tighter and tighter with every bite and when the waiter asked if he could bring us anything else, I asked for a bed. That was a sure sign I was slipping in to a food coma…


I have been sleep deprived and tired and even yoga stoned before, but never GHEE STONED. Yes… That feeling you get when you’ve eaten just way too much. The food was so good. The wait staff were thoughtful and funny and my little boy’s favourite was Bala. He served us with a laugh and a smile and was even kind enough to bring him out some plain parathas to eat.


That’s the Management Team and…
 …that’s Small Foodie smackin’ his chops!

And in true Indian style we started talking. (Indian farewells last longer than most meals). Turns out the owner knows my dad and my dad knows his business partner. One of them knows my husband’s grandma’s brother’s son and they in turn know someone else’s wife and our ex neighbour here in Sydney!!!! I am not making this up! This is really how it’s done! Come along with me next time, I’ll prove it to you while we feast. 

I cannot recommend this place highly enough. When you live so far from home a 30km drive means nothing in the grand scheme of things when all you want to do is take a bite from your childhood.

We also worked out that from our house it’s one long straight road and a single left turn. Guess I’ll be driving there in the future!! I need to have a sleep now. The ghee is singing me a gentle lullaby… Romba Nandri.  Dee x


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