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bula! Buuuulllaaaaaaa!!


A few nights ago we went to Tomlu’s. In a bus. 27 of us. From the outside its a dump. From the inside not much better. There were tacky posters on the walls, thick plastic table cloths and I’m just grateful the chair I was sitting on didn’t collapse before the night ended.

They took care of the kids first. Fried rice, noodles, some chicken… But the big kids waited. And waited. AND WAITED!! An hour and a half later they started to bring our dinner out.


Lobsters. Large, fleshy, divine. In garlicky butter. In gorgeous gingery goodness. Crabs in black bean sauce. Some spectacularly swimming in potentially the best coconut curry I’ve ever tasted. Yes, the food was to die for.


I had crab juice running down my arms and splattered on my top and even had my boob brushed by a lady-boy! I also drank my first three bowls of Kava. It made my tongue go fizzily and my mind go mellow.


So I’m not sure whether it was the kava or the love-bus but right about now I’m exploding with family and friend love. 55 people in one spot, all here to celebrate Big Foodie’s 40th! Kids and cousins and family that are friends and friends that are like family. We are blessed indeed.



Fiji you’ve been everything I longed for and more. I promise you I’ll be back. To celebrate life. To celebrate love.


Isa lei. Dee x








2 thoughts on “bula! Buuuulllaaaaaaa!!

  1. Love this post! Can feel the happiness through the words. You might like facebook.com/CoralCoastFj too 🙂

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