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comfort food is a family treasure


I don’t blog that much anymore and my excuses are numerous but today I want to honour my little niece Riya. She’s my favourite kookie girl and she lives far away from us but I love her to bits and think she’s going to be the next BIGGEST thing since sliced bread!!


She was asked to write a little essay on a family treasure and she choose Avva’s recipe book. Thank you my kookie girl for your beautiful words. You are my blogpost inspiration today. Dee x



2 thoughts on “comfort food is a family treasure

  1. Lee Avva was my husband’s grandma and Riya is his cousin’s little girl. I have a book of hers too and it’s absolutely priceless. X

  2. What a touching post, and I do wish you can find a moment to write more frequently. And what is this ancient cookbook of Awa’s? Is it recipes she collected herself? What a legacy to leave behind. I have my English gran’s filled with things like Yorkshire Current Cakes and Christmas Fruit Cake that is made 2 years in advance. And here’s your beautiful niece all ready to carry on tradition. Really nice.

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