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tea talks, chai chats…


As I lie awake at this ungodly hour, longing for a cup of yummy chai, I can’t help think there is something deliciously warm about people that love and drink tea. They are kind and open and love a chat. I often wonder, does the soft gurgle of a boiling kettle have a calming effect? Does watching the brew brew make a person relaxed enough to open up, to share thoughts and feelings? Is there anything a pot of tea can’t fix?

Many times I’ve sat in the orange Bollywood Zen Pergola and shared a pot with friends. A quick visit has turned into an hours-long conversation. We’ve shared tears and laughs and secrets that, if my teapot could only talk, boy oh boy! And often the tea’s turned cold and so that has finally prompted me to find the perfect tea cozy. Yes, I hear you laughing! It’s what your nanna used, isn’t it!!

And so began my hunt. Markets, shops, online… nothing caught my fancy. But then Etsy, my secret addiction, turned up some beauts. There were owls with tufted ears, strawberries crocheted on crochet leaves, pineapples, pussycats, owls, more owls, blue ones, green, red, yellow, Mardi Gras flag ones, you name it, they have it.


And suddenly, suddenly, I chanced upon Bluebell and the Fox‘s ‘Utamaro Geisha & Pillow Books‘. It was love. Instant and utter love. At first sight. I had found ‘the one’.


I wrote to Bluebell in the States and she replied yes, she would make me a gigantic tea cozy that would fit my gigantic tea pot. Emails were exchanged, photographs were sent, and slowly, slowly, little bits of the human behind the screen on the other side of the world was revealed. And it must be because of her love of tea!

We chatted away like old biddies sitting with our big mugs of chai. She told me about growing up in the mountains and now moving back. I told her about my crazy kids and Australia and India and how the school holidays can’t be over soon enough! Why, I even jagged an invite to visit when we go to the States next. We don’t know each other from a bar of soap but we’ve certainly connected over a cuppa…

Now my kettle has clicked off, my tea is brewing, the mint leaves smell yumm and I need to go check if the postman’s knocking. Utamaro Geisha may have arrived. Dee x

All tea cozy photos used with the permission of the lovely Bluebell. No bluebells (or foxes) were harmed in the process.


2 thoughts on “tea talks, chai chats…

  1. Heheheh it would. I’ll bring Geisha and big pot to yours when we come to camp. X

  2. Love it. Love you. Love your geisha. Next time I want tea from that giant tea pot under your geisha so I have to stay for hours and hours with you… But that would mean a lot of tree stops on the way home!

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