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shock horror!


My husband is a kind and gentle man. He has just looked after us tremendously. He has just nursed me back to health after a rare and debilitating illness (called ADEM) ravaged my body and soul and tore our little family apart. That’s why I’ve been silent for so long.

But today he did something that shook me out of my blogging silence. I had a Thermomix demo at home a couple of weeks ago and have been lusting after that beauty ever since. I actually saw my first demo ages ago and wanted it then…and have been trying to push it out of my mind…unsuccessfully…for the past two years.

So after extensive research, lots of demos and hours of to-ing and fro-ing, today I bit the bullet. I filled in the order form. I’m determined to cook more variety through the week. I’m determined to get the kids involved and get them eating new food too.

And in a bizarre turn of events my usually gorgeous husband, my supporter, my biggest fan, started taunting me. Yes. Taunted. Me.

“It’s just going to lie on the bench for months. You’re going to talk about it for another two years!!”

“What a waste of money. As if the kids are going to care.”

And so on and on and on in that vein. I was hurt and a bit pissed off and shoved my filled in form under his nose. He took it from my hand and with a sadistic look of glee ripped it in half.

You cannot even imagine my reaction. You have not seen steam come out of anyone’s ears like you would’ve if you were a fly on that wall. I was mortified. I screamed. I actually starting whacking. That. Stupid. Daft. Bald. Head. Of. His. And burst into tears. Copious streaming hot wet rivers of tears.

And if that was not bad enough, he then burst out laughing. A big gigantic happy belly laugh till he could contain it no longer. “I already ordered you one as a surprise last night sweety. I was hoping to surprise you.”


I’m speechless. And crying. All over again. This time it’s happy tears. And tears of surprise and glee and absolute gratitude to have this beautiful bald man in my life.

Come home and share a meal with us once I get the hang of this thing. Dee x


6 thoughts on “shock horror!

  1. Thank you! I’m so excited I’m bursting at the seams 😄

  2. Lucky you! Despite the tormenting, you are finally getting a Thermomix — yay!! You’re about to make not only new recipes, but new friends too… welcome into this fabulous world-wide culinary club 😉

  3. I didn’t just cry! I sobbed like a baby!! Yup, it’s ADEM’s fault!! 😜

  4. Dillu, you- actually-cried!!! Must be hormonal imbalance after the ADEM! Screaming and whacking i can imagine:-)
    K does it again. Awesome guy!

  5. He’s grinning from ear to ear like a jackass 😂

  6. Awwwwww. U r a wonderful man k!!

    Dillu the hitting – ouch- that must have hurt – make sure you “make it up” to k real good!

    Love u both!!

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