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santha, sanghati and full santhosham – 1

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We left one of India’s bustling metro cities to drive two hours south to Big Foodie’s aunt’s hometown. Kalikiri. With a population of 25,000 it’s more a town than a village but whatever you may call it, it pretty much transported me straight back to my childhood. The sounds and sights and smells reminded me of Devlali that my dad grew up in and I had the utmost pleasure of spending three days here.


We drove through dry barren rocky countryside to get to Kaliks in time for the santha, the local farmers market. This is organic farming at its most basic, most pure, most real. Small scale. Home grown. Delicious.

Farmers arrive in droves and spread out their wares on large plastic sheets. Onions compete with chillies compete with cucumbers compete with haldi and spices and grains. There is even a stall that sells dried fish don’t ask me why, I just took a photo and ran away!! The one electronic weighing machine stands out like a sore thumb amongst the beautiful hand-held brass bowls of the ancient scales.




In the old days the santha used to come to this town on Mondays only so god help you if you didn’t shop for the week! There was nowhere else you could buy your veggies from. Nowadays you can even buy locks and keys and slippers at the santha and you’ll find these stalls dotted amongst piles of fruit and vegetables.





We came home exhausted but happy and ended the evening riding on a tractor through some fields. I have to say I prefer the bullock cart ride from earlier in the evening though…



To be continued once I find the Odomos. The mosquitoes here are the size of dragonflies! Dee x


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