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thadak thadak, thadak thadak


Ah the sweet sounds and smells of train travel in India. Memories of my first train ride alone with my bestie SariBear come flooding back. This was the same train we travelled to Bangalore on. The trusty Brindavan Express!


I insist on train travel this time. I need to show my children the real India. The India I grew up in. So we pack our bags and most importantly our ‘train food’ and set off early in the morning. It’s cold (cold enough for my fellow men and women to be sporting a monkey cap or two in about 25 degrees), and raining and drizzly and gray…

Eating on a train is as important as knowing how to breathe! But what happens when you forget the food bag. Aiyoo!! Now how do we eat our chips and sandwiches and egg parathas? Oh ho! Where is the bag? Rama Rama, who forgot it at the back of the car?? Errr. I did! So I explain to the little foodies that all travel is an adventure. We just need to embrace it.

And so it starts. Breeead aaamlette. Masla dosaaaa. Sips. Potato sips. Garama garam kaapi kaapi kaapi, chai chai chai. Soooop. Tamatar sooop. Biskate. Wadai. Chutney wadai. We eat and we play… We read and we sleep and we giggle. Nannu and the boys and me. We miss Daddy Foodie who’s waiting for us in Bangalore but in this case the journey is nearly more fun than the destination.


So as we sway in time to the thadak thadak of the train we leave you with some photties of our adventures. We look backwards and outwards and inwards through the dusty smudged glass and we know that nothing is as sweet and simple as traveling with our children by train.

Dee & boys. X



2 thoughts on “thadak thadak, thadak thadak

  1. great mind you have….would like to join your thoughts….

  2. LOL … kapi kapi kapi … you missed Vada pav

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