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let your light shine bright


I’m not usually sentimental. I don’t usually get in to the whole Diwali thing. Well not here in Australia anyway. And now I’m beginning to question why?


At home Diwali was my favourite festival. I loved the pretty diyas and sparkly mirror-work skirts. I loved the sweets. I loved the twinkling lights and the smell of crackers in the air. (I hated the sound and wouldn’t emerge from under the bed till that bit of Diwali was done…)

Oh and the sweets! The laddus and the gulab jamuns and pedas and mithais and halwas. Oh the delicious sweets. I can still taste those! I loved the Diwali plates with little lamps on them that neighbours shared with each other…. I loved the new clothes…I loved that we’re not Hindu but that mum and dad still got into it and that we celebrated everything. So many memories…


And last week we shared The Diwali Story with my little boy’s class. Each child decorated a diya of their own. I read them the story in my scariest voice ever and Little Foodie said to me at home “Oh mum I loved your punctuation!!” Who even says that?! 😊 The kids also coloured in rangoli patterns and another very special mum friend of mine gave out bags of chocolate. She thought up the whole Diwali thing for the class and has inspired me to celebrate today.

So whilst there may not be crackers and Indian sweets I have set the table. Properly. I’ve made tandoori chicken rolls and Gujarati Daal and spicy dry fried chicken. The rice is about to go on next and the apple cinnamon pie is in the oven. What! That’s Indian isn’t it? Ok I lie. I made that one out of a packet and I’ll serve it with vanilla icecream to douse the heat.


But most importantly we will share today with our loved ones. A small group of our Sydney family. One set of old friends, one set of new. We will rejoice in each other’s company. We will laugh and cry and eat and drink. The kids will go nuts and demand. more. icecream. now!! And we will say no and then we will say yes and we will all laugh some more and finally fall into bed dreaming of sweets and crackers and sparkling lights and loved ones and how good really does always triumph over evil.


May your light shine bright. Dee x

(I’m dedicating this blog post to Cindy. One of the bravest, most beautiful women I have ever met. You truly are a shining star).


4 thoughts on “let your light shine bright

  1. Yes. It really is all about the joy isn’t it. Thank you. 😊

  2. Absolute pleasure. One day I would like to show you guys around India 😊

  3. Thanks for having us Dee! I had a delightful Indian experience! Your childhood stories bring so much beautiful & peaceful memories of my own. Bless u!

  4. Your post will make me to eat all of the sweets you have mentioned . My fav gulab jamuns . You mentioned you are not a Hindu let me tell you Diwali is a festival of Joy not for any religion. Have FUN. Happy Diwali 🙂

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