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sister wives

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Guests, like fish, usually stink after 3 days. This particular set must’ve blown the hosts’ noses off. They showed up with large suitcases, they stayed 8 weeks, they were noisy. Demanding. Disruptive. And they ate a lot. And drank. Yes, they were us.

On day one or three or ten or something we decided to run the ‘feeding of the family’ together. Me and my sister wife together. She shopped everyday (Trader Joe’s has offered her shares, Pavilions wants her to be CEO), she cooked, she orchestrated meals, she ran the home with love and grace and patience and warmth. Me? I just shouted in the background and bossed the kids about.

Never have we felt so warm and comfortable in someone’s home for so long. Never have we been looked after with so much hospitality. There are good hosts and then there are great hosts and SW you top the second category. I also want to share your biryani recipe with everyone so watch this space.


Brother husband, you’ve been amazing too. How you’ve actually functioned and managed to ‘work’ while we’ve been here is anyone’s guess!! Thank you for being the biggest foodie I’ve ever known and for showing us California through our taste buds and tummies. Your generosity and hospitality has been above and beyond the call of duty and we do love you. Lots.


And to my other sweet feisty sister wife who’s bark is worse than her bite… Thank you for putting up with us. Thank you for not disowning the Aussie part of your family (book those damn tickets already). Thank you for your life-saving frittata and the prawns to die for (recipe below). Thank you for whooping the collective asses of the boys and for keeping them in line (somewhat)!

And to Phantom Menace… We can’t wait to see you later in the year. You upside downed every plan we ever made and the end result was always amazing. You’re a great dad and a wonderful man (deep deep down you’re not even that shallow!) And you now also say hello and goodbye 🙂

So goodbye my beloved extended family. Thank you for all the laughs and the mayhem. Thank you for your love and your nonsense. Thank you for giving the four of us the best time we’ve ever had.

Now put me on a plane and get me the hell outta here so that I can go back to my normal life. We love you. Dee & boys xo

Rups’ Shrimp
Olive oil ,garlic,crushed red pepper,white wine,Italian seasoning,everyday seasoning,salt and pepper pint of cherry tomatoes,basil,parsley add shrimp and cook……
Serve on couscous


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