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10 years in the blink of an eye

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If you had known that marriage would turn your life upside down and inside out, would you do it all over again? I would. And to the same man too. Who else would put up with tuna sandwiches and roast chicken wraps for so many years?

So to celebrate 10 years of (mostly) blissful married life, we packed our bags (lots of bags) and the children (not as many as the bags) and took off on a many week adventure across the ocean.

And we’ve pretty much eaten our way through the last few weeks.

Hawaii-the cocktails, the bloody marias, the pork.

San Francisco-with the clam chowder and the Lolindas, probably the best tapas place in a long time. The Farmers Markets (yes, hello, my name is Dee and I am an addict), San Mateo, Ferry Terminal

Pismo Beach, The River Inn (Big Sur), Mexican food, Afghani food, home cooked delicious Indian food, tapas, pizza, tacos (I love love LOVE the tacos), I could go on forever.

Orange County, boring on the outside, fun on the inside (thank you SW, you know who you are). Savannah Chop House, Rubios, Laguna Beach, ufff, thank god for wrap-around skirts because the jeans don’t fit no more girlfriend!

And the sake bombs. But that’s another story for another time. And the wine. Oh. My. God. The wine. I think I’ve finally found a favourite. (Or was that because me and Big Daddy Foodie were alone, tucked away in a dark corner at Jimmy Love’s, listening to a slightly short, slightly scruffy, slightly sexy crooner belt out some old tunes?)

I digress. The wine I’m in love with (nearly as much as the man I’m in love with) is a DeLoach 2011 Pinot from Northern California. So what if its not even noon yet, I may have to go out and buy another bottle.

So happy anniversary darling man. I hear I’m getting a medal for putting up with you. Okay, you get one too. Here’s to the next ten (decades).

Sit back and (in no particular order) enjoy the photos. Dee x
















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