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giving thanks



The table’s been set in autumn harvest hues, colours that reflect this semi-arid land. The turkey is about to go in the oven (we’re hoping) and the kids have been given a little snack to keep them occupied till the guests arrive.

This is the first time we’re at a traditional thanksgiving dinner. The pumpkin, the pecan, the pies, they’re all golden delish. The broths and casseroles and potatoes will not disappoint either. So today I don’t want to reflect on the food. That will speak for itself.

Today I want to give thanks. For family. For friends. For family that are friends. For our children. Pains in the butts but whom we wouldn’t trade for all the riches and peace in the world.

Today I want to give thanks for this holiday. Our first as a family of four. A chance to unwind and not yell. I want to give thanks that we are all healthy and strong and intelligent and kind and brave.

I want to thank the universe for always providing. For keeping us safe. For my husband. My rock. My solace. My friend. I’d like to say my lover, but that’s been a bit hard with 2 kids in the same room. 🙂

So with an attitude of gratitude, from the west coast of the Yooo Nited Statesovamerica, may you all have the best day ever. Long live the Queen or Stars and Stripes or whatever. Happy holidays, may the silly season begin. Dee x


2 thoughts on “giving thanks

  1. Thank you. Happy holidays 🙂

  2. Pretty table scape!! xoxo

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