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rambutan, ball doughnuts and what’s that?!


After a long day at the beach and a lovely nanna nap in the arvo, we finally visited a small Farmers Market in Honolulu today. Things were so ‘un-altered’. Fruit looked like it did when I was growing up. All spotted and bumpy! But just bursting with flavour.

To kick things off I ripped open a hairy rambutan with my bare hands and popped it in to my mouth, fully expecting it to taste like it looked…or worse. Oh but how delish. It was sweet and just the tiniest bit sour. It looked like a lychee and tasted like a lemon. Or something. I can’t even describe the flavour properly.

Then there were the Hawaiian Pineapples. They’re divine. I could eat them for dessert everyday. And when finally this was all becoming a bit too green and healthy for me and Littlest Foodie, we moved over to dark side.

We literally devoured a cinnamon doughnut in seconds. (We shared. And no one we knew saw us, so those calories don’t count.)

We then tried some Hawaiian barbecue chicken and pork. And something called lau lau that you eat with lomi lomi. What? I’m not making this up. I swear! Google it and goodnight! Dee x

PS: How could I forget to mention the wonderful beef and chicken jerky. And I don’t even usually like jerky. But the thing I enjoyed the most was the caramel coconut peanut butter. Oh kill me now!



2 thoughts on “rambutan, ball doughnuts and what’s that?!

  1. Hi guys, thanks for your message. I’ve seen lots of sweet potato but haven’t really noticed any potato stalls so far. I will keep an eye out for you and bring back any info/business cards if I can. Dee x

  2. Hi Dee Sounds like her having a wonderful time, I am going to have to get the names of all these lovely places your visiting! Gav would like to know if you saw any potato stalls on your travels so far? If you have let us know, enjoy the rest of time .
    Jodi Roberston Gourmet Potatoes

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