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one two cha cha cha


The food in Waikiki is spec.tac.ular. And I mean simply.just.sup.erb! Even the kids are digging it. It’s fresh and delicious and always ALWAYS served with an aloha and a smile.

But this evening I wanted Mexican so Mr. Foodie did his magic fantastic on the Internet and said simply Babe, we are taking the kids and going to Cha Cha Cha. Being on holiday it’s easy to let go and not be the control freak I usually am. And oh how delicious an evening it was.

Never, never have I seen a Bloody Maria served in such a big tall glass. (I learned today a Maria is made with tequila while a Mary is made with vodka). Never, never have I drunk a drink faster husby has. Never, never have I ordered my second round before he did!! And never, never have I met a barman as lovely as Nate. He checked on us constantly and I’m quite certain he made our second round a bit Maria-er!! Hic!

Just when we thought we were in heaven, they brought the food out. Oh the food the food the food. Pork quesadillas. Jerk fried chicken (because you’d have to be a real jerk not to like it). And chicken fajitas. And once we polished off every last morsel of food we had our dessert stomachs empty so we fell on the vanilla bean fried ice-cream like a pack of… I don’t know…my husband called it a feeding frenzy.

I’m so full I can’t even be funny right now. Get on a flight to Honolulu just to eat here. It’s warm and inviting and the decor is old skool cool. The barman is a gem and the waitresses are beautiful. They have pretty names like Pume and April and the chefs are smiley and you couldn’t ask for more. I can only describe in a few pictures what a super meal we had.

Mahalo. Dee x




2 thoughts on “one two cha cha cha

  1. Waa waa waa ! When does the next plane to Honolulu leave?

  2. IEEE CUrrumba … !!!! CHA CHA CHA Sounds Bliss (in your own words). It’s wonderful to try new food and drink especially when on holiday. Your pictures are amazing .I LIke a lot … A Pale Sierra . If you can you MUST try a Castlemaine from France … The heaven of all Cervezas.

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