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the sweetest lemon


I’ve been busy. I’ve been running around like a headless chook. I’ve been uninspired. I longed to blog but the words kept sticking badly. Like trying to fry fish in a non nonstick pan with very little oil….

This evening started much the same as the last few gone by. Quick, get the kids their dinner. Quick, chuck them in the bath. Quick quick quick get our dinner ready. And in the process of all this I ran out of lemon. And lime. And even bottled extract stuff. Without thinking I picked up the phone and rang my neighbour and told her that I’d be over in 2 minutes to get some lemon.

And bang. Just like that. I was transported to a bygone era. Those simpler days where neighbours did just drop in on each other. When you could just knock on the door and ask for an onion, a cup of sugar, a little bit of milk.

My fish turned out pretty average tonight. That too little oil in the pan I was talking about…half remained raw and half stuck to the base of the pan..burnt. But the lemon. That made it the sweetest dish ever. Because home is where your lemon tree grows and a fence between neighbours is just there so that love doesn’t end up spilling all over the street! Dee x

PS: Trivia question (but the answer is not trivial) – why do neighbours mean so much to Dee Foodie?



3 thoughts on “the sweetest lemon

  1. It’s called ‘pretending to be busy so that you can escape from the mayhem and mad children’. Try it, it’s a wonderful thing darling Meli. X

  2. Oh Dilly Dee, I can do with more of your “lemon-aid” in my kitchen!
    You are one zesty writer. How can one busy mumma manage to find time to inspire us all.
    I want to squeeze you..but not too much..as i wouldn’t want to squeeze all your creative juices in one go.
    We all want more of your sweet juiciness and zestiness; all of us pretty average mummas…ah, you give us the pip! How do you do it!
    Lots of love xxxx

  3. Love your story. Will let you know how the the Lemon desert works out!

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