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Sometimes I just want soul food. Nothing fancy. Nothing rich. Something simple. Something comforting. Everything heaped in one big serve on my plate.

You don’t have to eat this everyday. It just has to be the food that takes you back to simpler times, to carefree childhood days. And this weekend all I wanted was Dhan Dar. I think if you wish hard enough, the universe usually conspires to make your wish come true. So when I heard my aunt say just simple daal chaawal today, my heart nearly leapt out and kissed her with glee!

There is nothing more satisfying than eating your favourite childhood meal. When we were kids mum made this atleast once a week (I think… Mum?) She served it up with tareli machi or patio or kheema. When there was no meat, we ate it with delicious sticky sweet mango chutney. The brave-hearted attempted to eat it with dynamite mango pickle. Me…my favourite version was-

1. Serve the rice. Make sure its in the absolute centre of your plate.
2. Poke a hole in the middle of the mountain.
3. Add a blob of butter in “the well”.
4. Flood it with daal.
5. Enjoy

So thank you my beloved Mevas, my Sydney parents. You made me one very happy girl this weekend. And the icing on the cake was the doggy bag. Like someone famous once said…I’ll be back! DillyDee x



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