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my hands start shaking when i think of baking

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It’s simple.

I. Do. Not. Bake. I don’t make any excuses. Why would you sift and stir and struggle and clean up when you can walk over to Aunty Michel‘s and pick up perfectly acceptable sweet and savoury treats.

Well don’t the mighty fall the hardest. Thanks to the very lovely KJ, my boys had their tummies and minds filled with the most delicious flavour of home baked Energy Muffins.

Mum, mum, this is the best muffin I’ve ever tasted. Mummummum said the other, I want more. I waaaaaant more (insert pouting lips and stamping of feet).

So here I am, up to my elbows in some lumpy mixture that, quite honestly, looks like the dog’s breakfast. From yesterday. Millions of women bake everyday I say to myself. Be strong, power on I say. You’ve given birth to two children, this should pale in comparison. And so like a soldier going to war I pop the baking trays in to the oven. Okay so my muffin tins were covered with rust and the boys had them in the garden. So what? Don’t judge me (just yet). Try the ‘muffins’ first! Dee x













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