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shank-you, that was absobloominlutely delicious!

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Excuse the corny title, I simply could not resist. Just as I could not resist cooking shanks this weekend. The butcher frenched 10 meaty shanks for me. I raced home, a sliver of saliva starting to form as I fantasised about the end result. Sometimes I cannot help myself…I dream of something in particular and can’t rest till I’ve cooked it.

On Friday the shanks sat, lightly marinading in ginger garlic salt sugar lime and the most delicious smoked salt you have ever tasted. I had already planned to use the smoked garlic to make a mash to sit the shanks on. For those of you who have not tried smokey garlic you have not lived. I had not lived till Sunday.


On Sunday the shanks were sealed… like an old married couple…slowly… two-by-two in a pan with very little oil. They were then all transferred to a large pot filled with whole peeled tomatoes, four bean mix, lashings of red wine, stock and a few other things…cinnamon and nutmeg, cloves and turmeric, if I recall right.


They were popped in to a pre-heated oven and cooked till they literally fell off the bone. If I cooked like this all the time, my electricity bill was be in the thousands. I think the oven was on for about 4 hours… I can’t remember much else because I could not focus on anything except the actual eating. I remember serving this all up in a bowl filled with creamy garlicky smokey mash, softly roasted baby bell peppers and some shiny spring green beans. Then I went in to my food oblivion!

With winter nearly over so too are the hearty meals. I’m glad I snuck this one in when I did. Dee x



One thought on “shank-you, that was absobloominlutely delicious!

  1. That looks fantastical cousin ….. yummmmmmmmm xoxox

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