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killer kheema

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Deester Deester…You truly are the master of the meat-sauce, I said to myself as I took a little bow this afternoon…

You know how children born of mixed marriages are gorgeous? So too is my kheema (meat-sauce). It’s probably the one thing I can make as well as mum can, nay, better than mum can and that’s a big call.

Trial and error, mostly error, has resulted in the most luscious meat-sauce that’ll ever pass your lips. It’s hot and spicy and sweet and tart and makes you want to go…you guessed it… Oom nom nom nom!

I combine the Parsi version with the ‘continental’ version and while it’s cooking away, usually pour a nice big glass of wine and wait.

It’s delicious with rice, in a wrap, over corn chips and is especially delish as Bolognese Sauce over pasta. It’s also the perfect dish in which to hide the veges. Mine comes pre-loaded with sweet potato or carrot, tons of spinach, onions, capsi, whatever I can get my hands on.

Eat a big bowl full on a cold cold night. I promise it’ll warm you up. Enjoy. Dee (Master of the Meat-Sauce) x




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