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salmon sensation aka the lazy parsi’s ‘patra ni machi’

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I decided to be fancy-pants and follow some convoluted recipe from a dinner party cookbook. Suffice to say some of Dad’s swearing genes must have passed into my DNA because the kitchen was not a nice place to be during the preparation of that meal.

In the years that followed I’ve perfected this same salmon recipe but on a time/dollar budget. The only thing I ask is that you spend your chiching on the freshest fish you can get. Nothing else matters.

Feeds 4 (hungry hippos) and is best served with a warm moroccany style cous-cous and chickpea salad.

-Lay out the fish (about 4 pieces or a 1kg fillet) on foil/oven paper.
-Rub both sides of the fish with olive oil, salt, sugar, lime and garlic.
-Coat with store-bought pesto. I like something cheap and cheerful. Wattle Valley Chunky Dip with basil and cashew or their rocket dip does quite nicely.
-Wrap up the fish parcel.
-Pop in to a pre-heated oven or cook on the barbie for 8-10mins per side (in the oven it can go in for 20mins w/o turning).
-Rest it for a minute or so.
-Rip open the foil at the table.
-Let the steam engulf your diners in salmony smokey deliciousy goodness.

Enjoy. Dee x

And I’m afraid I don’t have a picture of the final product. We ate it all up!


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