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walrus barbeque sauce

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Dad has two default positions. Lying down. Or yelling. But I don’t have a good enough photo. No picture can convey the passion with which he yells. He also has a fairly decent gut and long chops and is lovingly called THE WALRUS.

Watching him cook is probably the only time you’ll see him calm…or as calm as he can be. His fingers fly across the chopping board, his eyes focus, his brow creases… it truly is magical.

I remember watching him cut coriander when I was 4-5 years old. It was beautiful…until he chopped the tip of his thumb off. And then the fun really began. The knife company was abused for making the knives too sharp. The chopping board makers were sworn at for making them too wobbly. The surgeon (that he hadn’t even been to yet) was warned not to F*&$ UP his fingers. And when he eventually came home from the doctor, he cursed the dimwit who put what looked like a man’s rubber birth control device on his thumb to keep the dressing in place and stop the blood.

But I’m digressing. What I wanted to share was his recipe for Barbeque Sauce. It’s absolutely scrumptious. It’s sticky and spicey and garlicky and yum. It’s best on pork ribs, but I’ve also used it to marinade chicken and even prawns. He made up this recipe I think. Like he does with most. And when I first moved away from home I longed for this so I rang him. Remember, this phone call was made pre-skype/FaceTime so it had to be kept short. It takes about as much time to cook as it did to write down and brown or raw sugar can be substituted for palm sugar or jaggery. Hmmmm hmmmmm… finger-lickin good. Dee x


One thought on “walrus barbeque sauce

  1. Hahahahahaha, brilliantly written big couz and the description about kaka is soooooo apt! Luv to all at home

    Coming to Australia cousin

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