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who says in-laws have to be outlaws?

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Once upon a long long ago I fell in love with a beautiful man…and his family. And Mr. Foodie’s paternal grandma was the first one to open her heart to me…

She didn’t speak much English and I spoke little to no Telegu but we would sit together for hours, not saying much, holding hands, talking with our eyes and expressions and the occasional translation from one of the other family members. From the first day I met her, she reminded me of Bapaiji. The bond was instant.


Soon after we got married she called me to her side and handed me a little maroon diary. I could not believe my eyes, it was a little treasure of recipes written in her hand, most pages meticulously copied out in English and in Telegu. She was a phenomenal cook but how did she know I was a foodie?

I’ve cooked from that book once or twice but mostly I’m too afraid to crinkle the pages, to get oil splatters on them… That book is like a little gem, it sits quietly, unobtrusively on the book shelf, nestled amongst big dazzling flashy glossy fancy books but my heart lies with this one.

Avva we love and miss you. Your granddaughter-in-love. Dee x





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