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our (sushi) train ride

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I often feel, as I’m sure other parents do, that No. 1 child got all the attention, the treats, the quality time alone with mum…you know what I’m saying. So I have made a conscious effort to spend at least one day a week with my Littlest Man.

This Friday was very special. We went to an art store where he helped me “choose” a pressie for his little mate. All that went well till I let the words SUSHI TRAIN slip. Oops! We had a minor meltdown because he failed to understand that 10.45am is too early for the lunch shop to open. 4 escalator ride bribes later we went for the (sushi) train ride of our lives! Oh how his face lit up when Kishi Saan brought over gorgeous baby hand rolled cucumber sushi. Six of those, followed by the sheer excitement of seeing his dadda join us for lunch, followed by teaspoons full of fish bubbles, followed by stripy orange jelly followed by calamari followed by teriyaki salmon and wagyu beef. What, you don’t know what fishy bubbles are? They’re the roe off the top of a salmon sashimi roll, yes, this kid got taste!

So I implore you, expose your children to a variety of food. Make them eat, make them taste. make them dip their fingers in the curry, make them pick up a chicken drumstick and bite in to it like its going out of style. Make them scrape the batter out of the bowl. Make them lick the last bits of ice-cream straight out of the tub!

Make them cook with you, they’ll eat better, I promise. Make them understand where food comes from. Grow your own veges (our next big project). Let them play in the dirt, let them live and live and live! Because food teaches them about different cultures and people and climates. It teaches them to share, to talk from the heart around the dinner table, to be a family. And that is the most important lesson they’ll ever learn.

Enjoy our sushi train ride pics. Dee & Littlest Man x


One thought on “our (sushi) train ride

  1. Oh I loved reading this – your littlest man is one lucky little fellow to have a mummy like you Dee x

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