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magical michelle – part 1

Remember I told you there’s a lady in THE OFFICE without whom we wouldn’t function? Well, I kept my end of the bargain and hassled her till she kept hers. Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for the very lovely, incredibly amazing Michelle. I call her MAGIC MICHELLE because when she’s around, things.just.work.and.that’s.final.


“My love of ‘Leisure’ began in 1997 when I crossed the border from Queensland with my husband and then two year old daughter Grace.

I’m still a Queenslander but mostly at State of Origin time.  I did ask once when staff said it was on “Who was playing? “ Did I need to point out that Australia has more than two states?  OK so I’m not sporty.

I have always felt the need to belong and “Leisure” ticked all the boxes to suit my needs providing great markets, wonderful activities in Playgroup and Adult Classes.

I was a regular at Playgroup and a bit too regular at the markets loving to bag a bargain and shop, shop, shop.

Being the organiser of North Sydney Market for 11 years gives me an appreciation for all the hard work and effort that goes in to provide a fabulous market each month.

Markets are a fabulous time waster and I always sleep so much better on the Saturday night after.  Then there is Friday night prior.  Ugghh!  I listen for every raindrop just in case.  I talk myself into missing my alarm so manage to wake on/around the hour every hour.  I guess sleep deprivation is a great preparation for what each Market day brings.

Love love love the markets.  As this is a Foodie Blog, I am recalling things about Northside Produce Market.

I remember seeing the Mosman Daily advertising the Northside Produce Market beginning August 1999.  Yay. I enjoy food and good fresh produce so embraced the markets and according to my waistline, the results are in.

I still laugh to myself when I think of the poor olive stall having to put a sign on his discard bowl. Imagine helping yourself to a mouthful of used pits.  oooooohh! Nasty.

That’s what you get for ambling around tasting everything.  Fortunately I don’t eat olives, but if I did, I would have possibly given that bowl a crack too.

I used to ponder – is 8.00am too early for a dozen fresh oysters?  Nah – and down they’d go.

I find the stallholders entertaining and farmers are great people to know.  I love their down-to-earth manner.  Scenes from home I guess.  I thought I was a city girl growing up in Toowoomba – population almost 100 000 but that was soon quashed when I started work at “Leisure”.  They love to have a dig at the cane toads, banana benders and assorted names to tease.  It didn’t help when Grace (at the age of 6) began After School Care at “Leisure” and declared she spoke fluent Brisbane.”