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words that describe food

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I’ve been thinking about food words since as long as I can remember. I tried to list them, number them, do fancy things in Excel with them, but then I googled it… and I don’t know you, Kathy but I would like to thank you for this list! It’s fabulous. Dee x

You can click on the link below… or stay on this page and read on.

Acid, Acidic, A la carte, A la king,
A la mode, Alcoholic, Al dente, Appetising
Aroma, Aromatic,Au fromage, Au gratin, Au jus

Balsamic, Béarnaise, Biting, Bitter
Blackened, Blah, Blanched, Bland
Bold, Bolognese, Boned, Brackish
Braised, Brewed, Briny, Broiled
Browned, Bubbly, Burning, Buttery

Cacciatore, Candied, Canned, Caramelized
Caustic, Chalky, Charred, Chewy
Chilled, Chocolaty, Chopped, Clarified
Classical, Condensed, Condiment, Course
Creamery, Creole, Crispy, Crumbly
Crunchy, Cured, Curried

Dash, Decadent, Delectable, Delicious
Delightful, Deviled, Devine, Dietary
Diluted, Disagreeable, Disgusting, Distasteful
Distintive, Divine, Dredged, Drenched
Dripping, Dried out, Dry, Dull

Eatable, Edible, Enjoyable, Enticing
Entrée, Escalloped, Etouffee, Exquisite

Fine, Finger Licking Good, Fibrous, Fiery
Fishy, Fizzy, Flakey, Flambé
Flavorless, Flavorsome, Florentine, Floury
Fluffy, Foul, Fragrant, Fresh, Freeze dried
Fermented, Fricasseed, Fried, Frosty, Frozen,
Fruity, Full-bodied, Full-flavored

Gamey, Garlicky, Gastric, Gingery
Glazed, Good, Gooey, Grainy
Granulated, Gratifying, Greasy
Gritty, Gross

Hardboiled, Heady, Heavy, Heavenly
Herbaceous, Hint, Honeyed, Hot

Icy, Infused, Intense, Inviting

Juicy, Julienne

Kick, Kosher

Laced, Laden, Lemony, Light
Limp, Lip-smacking, Liquid, Lumpy
Luscious, Lusty, Lyonnaise

Malodorous, Marinate, Marvelous, Mellow
Melting, Messy, Mild, Milky
Minced, Minty, Mixed, Moist, Mouthwatering

Nasty, Nauseating, Nectarous, Nosey
Noxious, Nuked, Nutriment, Nutritious, Nutty

Odoriferous, Odorless, Oozing, Overpowering

Palatable, Panfried, Parboiled, Parched
Pasty, Peck, Penetrating, Peppery
Perfumed, Piccata, Pickled, Piping
Piquant, Pleasant, Powdery, Potent
Pouched, Preserved, Puffy, Pungent, Pureed

Rancid, Rank, Rare, Raw
Redolent, Reduced, Reeking, Relish
Rich, Roasted, Robust, Rotten
Roux, Ruined, Runny

Saline, Salty, Sapid, Saporous
Sauté, Savory, Scalded, Scented
Scorched, Scrumptious, Seared, Seasoned
Sharp, Shredded, Sizzling, Simmering
Skunky, Sliced, Slimy, Slivered
Smelly, Smooth, Snappy, Snappy
Soaked, Sodden, Soft, Softboiled
Soggy, Sordid, Soupy, Sour
Soggy, Soupy, Sparkling, Spicy
Spirited, Spoiled, Spongy, Sprinkled
Stale, Starchy, Steamy, Stewed
Stiff, Stinging, Stringy, Strong
Stuffed, Subdued, Succulent, Sunny side up
Sugarcoated, Sweet, Sweet and Sour, Syrupy

Tainted, Tangy, Tart, Tasteless
Tasty, Tempting, Tepid, Thick
Titillating, Toasted, Toothsome, Tough, Tumaceous


Vicious, Vinegary

Warm, Watery, Wet, Whipped, Wild

Yucky, Yummy

Zestful, Zesty, Zippy


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  1. And my most favourite one. OOM NOM NOM!! 🙂

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