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kaety’s curry


When people talk about curry they think blow-your-head-off rich spicy gravy with a thick layer of oil floating on the top.

So for all you disbelievers out there, give this a go. This is authenticate Parsi Red Curry from scratch. It’s not as complicated as it seems, I promise. There are a few colloquial words in there so I’ll list the English translation below.

Dhania-Coriander Seeds
Khus Khus- White Poppy Seeds
Channa-Split Peas
Curry Patta-Curry Leaves
Adu-Lasan is Ginger+Garlic paste
Bhuno-Literally means ‘dry roast’ but here means to cook slowly on a low flame

Oh boy it’s not even 8am and I’m so starving for some of mum’s yummiest and my most favourite dish ever.

This version is with chicken (pls use chicken with bones) but the same recipe with nice juicy fatty pork is superlative. Aargh! Kill me now, how I long to be home. Dee x



4 thoughts on “kaety’s curry

  1. Will try it out and let you know how that goes. Thanks for sharing…..and keep it coming!

  2. omg, i love this blog … kisses

  3. U wretched girl—- its just abt starting of the day and I am salivating— gggrrrrrrr—- not gonna forgive u for this in a hurry…. !!!!! I want curry-chawal N-O-W……..!!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this Dillu. I’m taking a print right away. I looovvvvee kakis curry and she very sweetly ensures I have my fill of the pork version when I go to chennai.
    I haven’t had it since may this year – high time I visit chennai – u coming????

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