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a note to my mum


In 1994 I found a beautiful notebook and saved it and saved it until I found a use for it. 7 years later I asked mum to fill it with recipes of the food we grew up on. This is the note that’s still stuck on the first page. I have been thinking what a good starting point to my blog might be, and I can’t seem to go past this. I’m brand new to blogging, so please be patient as I work out how to load photos, write new posts and make this space my own. Dee x


4 thoughts on “a note to my mum

  1. dillu – pls share ur recipes…and kaki’s as well…..

  2. hey, Dilu— look forward to more from you… šŸ™‚ (share some of the recipes pls…)

  3. every since i stopped over eating, circa June 2012, i’m constantly thinking off food. As a result, i start plotting for my next meal even before digesting. All this has got me in to the kitchen cooking more than ever. Even cooked a meal for a part of 6 the other week, reading woman’s weekly type of magazines looking for receipes. So there is a good chance i will watch this space for some inspiration. Good luck!

    p.s. i thought you were already blogging through FB šŸ™‚

  4. Hey Dee, make sure you share some of these recipes from your Mum, love a good curry.

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